How do you monitor failed B2B Messages in Trading Partner Management (TPM) on Integration Suite? How do you get notified if a message has failed? If you have looked at the SAP Roadmap Explorer SAP Roadmap Explorer , you will notice that Alerting for Failed Transactions is a future road map item ( Q2 2024).

SAP Roadmap Explorer for Integration Suite TPM Alerting

While one has to wait for SAPs out of the box solution for B2B Message Alerting and Failures and see how comprehensive it is, an alternate solution is critical for Customers wanting to Productively use B2B and TPM on Cloud Integration / Integration Suite. In this post, we explore a sample Alternate to monitor and push failed B2B Messages on your Integration Suite tenant over an Email. The Integration Flow artifact is also available for download for you to take this Iflow as is and use on your landscapes.

What Does the Custom B2B Failed Message Alerting offer

Schedule Iflow on your tenant that queries the B2B Message Monitoring API and looks for Failed Messages.,

  • If Failed Messages are found, an Email Alert is sent out.
  • Automatic Navigation Link to navigate directly to the failed message on B2B Monitoring.
  • Email Contain the Error Details.
  • Logs in Message Monitoring on Cloud Integration using Custom Headers.
  • Can be extended to SAP BTP Alert Notification Service, or any other Enterprise Alerting System.
Automated Email Alert Email for B2B Messages in TPM
Failed Message Directly Navigated from Email
Logs in Message Monitoring on Cloud Integration using Custom Headers.

Integration Flow

The sample Integration Flow for B2B Message Alerting for Failed messages can be downloaded here. Download this Iflow, and import into your Tenant. Configure and Deploy the IFlow and thats it!

  • Provide Cloud Integration API Host and Credentials ( Service Key of api for Process Integration )
  • Provide Mail Details
  • Provide Cloud Integration UI Host
  • Provide Schedule Details
Cloud Integration API Details
Cloud Integration Mail Details
Cloud Integration UI Host
Provide Schedule Details

Final Thoughts

This B2B Message Alerting uses a Standard B2B Monitor API from SAP. This API while not published on is also available for usage for Customers. As this is a non published API, this can change ( but highly unlikely).

This Iflow is just a starting point for your B2B Message Alerting and Monitoring. You can of course use the extracted data and push to any logging system / Alerting system ( read ServiceNow, Jira etc. ). Of course you can also Integrate this with SAP BTP Alert Notification Service.

If I had to venture a guess, I would guess that SAPs automated Alerting will also use the same APIs but will be integrated tightly to SAP BTP Alert Notification Service.

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