• SAP CPI – Reusable Groovy Script to Log All EDI Headers

    Introduction SAP CPI EDI to XML Convertor Have you had a look at the headers of your messages after you perform a EDI to XML Conversion? SAP adds a lot of headers that help identify your EDI message to the Headers of your message. These are essentials headers that help you identify the message from […]


  • SAP CPI – Custom Headers – Reusable Groovy Script

    How do I use a single script across my tenant to log all my Custom Headers? How do I ensure that I do not have a messy landscape with every developer building his own groovy script for Custom Headers in each Iflow? The Idea Usage in CPI Groovy Script Script Collection Use the Script Collection […]


  • SAP CPI – Message Monitoring – Standard Out of the Box Features to use in your Iflows

    Introduction With more customers now migrating or thinking about migrating their SAP PI/PO Integrations to CPI; a few common questions I get from seasoned PI/PO developers and Integration Managers is This post is an attempt to list out the Standard Out of the Box Features available in CPI that every developer “should” mandatorily use and […]


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