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Sprintegrate CI Addon on Chrome Store


Migration from SAP PO to Integration Suite is inevitable. Comparison between SAP PO and SAP Integration Suite is inevitable for veterans of SAP PO. One of the 1st comparisons that seasoned SAP PO developers have when they arrive on SAP Integration Suite is the lack of certain Monitoring Features. Some of these are addressed by SAP through additional products ( Cloud ALM, SAP Analytics Cloud ) and other alternates. Some of my posts also cover how the equivalent monitoring can be build on SAP Integration Suite / Cloud Integration.

SAP PO Message Monitoring Overview

One of our recent discussions with our Customer prompted us to look at alternates for the SAP PO Message Monitoring Overview. If you are are from a SAP PO background, you would know that it is the entry point for your searching for your messages and is just a simple but easy way to navigate to your errors and messages. In other words, SAP PO Message Monitoring elevates your experience as a SAP PO developer and operations.

Equivalent for SAP Cloud Integration / CPI

SAP PO Message monitoring overview is and its equivalent is not present currently on SAP Cloud Integration / CPI. Alternates exists on SAP Analytics Cloud but thats another License Item , another login page and lets get honest another bureaucracy at most large Enterprises. This prompted us to think of alternates, and how this can be done directly in Integration Suite.

One of the questions we asked ourselves was if SAC can do it, then sure there are APIs for it. There are some approaches defined elsewhere including this post CPI Extensibility – Message Monitor Overview but this approach defines making use of SAPs MPL APIs and thats a lot of API calls to make. Ofcourse the idea of that post is to show how you can build extensions in the SAP BTP World and this is in no way a direct criticism of that post. But we asked ourselves there had to be a better way, much more easier way.

SAP’s Internal APIs to the rescue

SAP Integration Suite uses Internal APIs to handle this in the UI. These APIs have been around for ages and we decided to leverage these APIs to handle our requirement for SAP Message Monitoring overview. We will not go into the details of these APIs but below 2 APIs combined together can do the trick.

  • com.sap.it.op.tmn.commands.dashboard.webui.KnownArtifactsListCommand
  • com.sap.it.op.tmn.commands.dashboard.webui.StatisticOverviewCommand

Sprintegrate CI Addon

Once these APIs were identified the question was how do we present this info to the User. Inspired by the 2 addons for Cloud Integration SAP CPI Helper and MDPGroup SuperEasy For SAP Cloud Integration we provide our own Addon to address this missing gap on SAP IntegrationSuite.

We present Sprintegrate CI Addon

Sprintegrate CI Addon has been published to Chrome Store and you can now use this AddOn on Chrome to be able to get a Message Monitoring Overview of SAP Integration Suite / Cloud Integration Messages.


Just install this Addon from Chrome store – Sprintegrate CI Addon. Allow permissions for your SAP IntegrationSuite hosts https://*hana.ondemands.com/* and then you are in Business.


Once Installed you can select the time for which you want the Messages Overview and display the required data. The screenshots speak for themselves.

Install and allow permissions for Sprintegrate CI AddOn.

Sprintegrate CI AddOn
Sprintegrate CI AddOn

Click on Message Monitoring Overview, provide the required time and click on Get Logs. Wait for the data to load. The time it takes for the data to load depends on the number of IFlows in your tenant.

In our tests on a tenant with approx 500+Iflows it took about 15 seconds to load. Additional Enhancement features are on the way.

Get Message Monitoring Overview

You will get the Loading.. Screen, and once the data is loaded, you will be able to see the Message Monitoring Overview data.

Loading Data
Data is rendered

Sorting and Export as CSV

Sorting of Data and Export of data as CSV are also supported.

Sorting on Status
Export of data as CSV

Navigate Directly to your Messages

You can lick on the Status of the Message and you can navigate directly to your Messages in Integration Suite. For example, 64 Messages were Completed in the screenshot below. When you click on the Hyperlink, all the pertinent messages are loaded into Integration Suite.

Click on HyperLink

Final Thoughts

Sprintegrate CI Addon: Elevate Your SAP Integration Suite Experience!

Designed exclusively for SAP Integration Suite, Cloud Integration, and CPI Developers & Administrators, the Sprintegrate CI Addon offers advanced monitoring capabilities.

With this Addon, you can:

  • Gain an insightful Message Monitoring Overview of your communications in Cloud Integration/CPI, mirroring the functionality of SAP Process Orchestration.
  • Seamlessly export your monitoring data to Excel or CSV formats.
  • Instantly access direct hyperlinks to pertinent messages within the Integration Suite.